HELEN & DOUGLAS is the best, but unfortunately it is best to do it last. but it gives you something to look forward to as the Amersham shops seem to have gone down recently

From Amersham station turn left down the incline, and look for the post office on the far side of the road, and the SUE RYDER is hidden next door with a strange door. Out of shop turn left to the junction and the CANCER shop is on the corner Oos turn left for SCOPE and then OXFAM Oos turn left and look  for the large white building on the other side of the road AGE is next door. Oos turn left for BARNARDOS, and then HELEN AND DOUGLAS IS straight ahead.

it is now best to get a bus to Chesham, if you go by tube it takes about an hour, I have yet to see a bus that did not go to Chesham from the stop diagonally opposite the Cancer shop.




   In Chesham, if you take the bus from Amersham, get off  at Market Square, just before the town begins,  (if you end up at the Oxfam shop where the bus stand is just do the shops in reverse order.

AGE  is now closed, Beyond the clock tower  on the left is a large SUE RYDER which mainly does furniture. OOS turn left  for  CANCER, OOS  on the right is SHAW TRUST, which is nearly a silver fish special.   and  further along is BUCKS PDSA. HEART is now closed and further along on the other side is HELEN & DOUGLAS which is easy to miss. but the best in Chesham.  OOS turn left and by the bus terminal is OXFAM. out of shop turn left is a RENNIE £2 shop  BARNARDOS CHILDREN. has now shut down.





From Rickmansworth station turn right, and right down hill. and left into High st PDSA is on left, and further down on right is SUE RYDER, Double back to PEACE Hospice and then AGE UK on left. if you  get bus from Market street in Watford to Chorleywood and the branch of New Hope in New Road. you can then get another to Rickmansworth,  and thus easily complete a circuit of Watford Rickmansworth  Chesham and Amersham. the bus from Chorleywood stops outside the sue Ryder in Rickmansworth







Pinner seems to have decreased in quantity and quality recently.

From Pinner station turn right, follow the Sainsburys round to the opposite side and you will eventually come to SUE RYDER on the right hand corner. Out of shop turn right and down the steps, and on the opposite side is MARY PORTAS, but I still have not won the Euromilliosn, and have not been in recently, OOS turn right and right and right, for BARNARDOS and next door is PDSA. OOS turn left and right up incline and on the right is St LUKES, which is the best in Pinner. the out of shop cross road and down hill to OXFAM, where they had a book that I thought said £3.50 but whenI took it up to the desk it was £350. I might need my eyes tested, but they need their brains tested. Also the Oxfam seems to open somewhat erratically these days.






From Harrow on the hill station out of station turn right and cross road, to PDSA  Oos turn left to MIND, then turn left again at the junction for SCOPE, HEART, and St LUKES, then double back for SUE RYDER on the other side of the road and then newly  RSPCA, which is mainly furniture and does not have the look of being long for this world





Where is the Charity?

     The founder of these shops now officially lives on a huge gated luxury estate in Mexico, but travels the world incognito, as there is an Interpol warrant for his arrest, to be be extradited to Denmark to face charges of Tax Fraud and money laundering.

    The shops were originally called Humana, among many other names, but those were closed down by the British Charity Commission.

    In the nineties and the noughties there were several reports in the British press about the cult like status of the people who ran and worked for them. There were also several reports in the press about money laundering which you could easily find on the internet, but now if you type in the relevant details all you get is the single, glowing and laudatory entry for each individual shop!

     What has happened is called reputation management, ie repair,  a company, or these people themselves, have inserted details of the name and address of each individual shop and the alleged wonderful work they do, and because it is inserted more recently, it comes up first on Google, and to find out what other people have said you have to type in the exact details, which may come up on page 8, most people do not get beyond page one on the net. but you can still find out if you type into Wikipedia: TVIND, TEACHERS GROUP, PETERSEN. – they change the names more often than they change the stock – and there you will find longer reports of their activities.

    I am all for the forgiveness of sins, especially my own, but there seems to be something very wrong with this chain and the way it continues to expand and now gets laudatory articles in the press who publish their self congratulatory press releases verbatim and which omit to say Tvind/Traid has or had at least 140 registered companies in Tax Havens

    In the shops they now have leaflets saying what good work they do, but not exactly when and where they did it, or what proportion of their income is devoted to such. Other charity shops in London put details in the window of how much money they raised and  how they spent it, but when did you actually hear of anything that TRAID really did? I am not keen on most charities but in the case of Oxfam, Scope, Cancer or Heart you usually hear of projects they fund, independently.

    My own favourite charity shop: New Hope in Watford issues an annual report which they give away, as far as I am aware New Hope have only two shops, not the myriad that TRAID now have, and I have met people whom NEW HOPE have helped in Watford, but when did you ever hear of anything that TRAID helped, or meet anybody helped by them, other than themselves?

If you type in Annual report for Oxfam, for Cancer, for Scope, for Heart, they will come up instantly on screen, but you cannot so easily get The annual report for TRAID. you have to know what name it is operating under this year and you have to have a degree in forensic accounting.

New Hope, with two shops, has an income of £1.2 million year, TRAID   officially with thirteen shops,  but in fact  there are many more has a declared income of £5.2 million.

From Harrow on the Hill tube you have to make a decision, either to go West to Uxbridge or south to Finchley Road. if you  are rich travel south towards St johns wood but if you a sane person go east towards Ruislip Manor.



  Not great but it does have two independent shops. out of the station turn left, and the first shop HARLINGTON HOSPICE is on the left and is the best. oos turn left towards end of road and on the opposite side of the road is RSPCA, oos  turn left and Harlington Hospice  has a Bargain shop near the station bridge where everything is £1.




 From Ruislip station out of station ahead turn left and right at cross roads into high street, opposite the RSPCA furniture shop  has now closed but continue up on the left and there is SOBELL. OUT OF SHOP turn left and on the far right is SCOPE then south to CANCER then back towards the station are AGE UK, OXFAM, which is the best in Ruislip and then BARNARDOS.


 From Uxbridge station  out of the front entrance turn left and THAMES HOSPICE shop is on right about 250 yards. it is the best in Uxbridge  OOS turn right and HEART is on right. double back past station and OXFAM is on right.

From here you can only double back towards Harrow and FINCHLEY ROAD, the seems to no indication that my idea that there should be a very large Circle train line around the wholee of london taking place. that uxbridge should link to Amersham and Amersham to Chesham  all the way  ruund london, if it is good enough for cars why not do it for trains.



  From Finchley road, out of station turn left and go under the insalubrious subway to the other side. out go north and on right is ALL ABOARD, which is the best in the Finchley Road. OOS double back and cross to the other side of the road, and head south to ST JOHNS, OCTAVIA, SHELTER BOUTIQUE, & HEART. continue south towards Swiss Cottage station.

You can either go north to West Hampstead or south to St Johns Wood


If you dont arrive in a 4×4 you will be seen as not one of us.


  From St Johns Wood Station turn left into Acacia Road and second on right at St Annes Road, which becomes St Johns Wood High Street,  and on the right it is OXFAM, then CANCER, cross to other side of the road for JOHNS HOSPICE and then SHELTER.


 You should now take the Jubilee line north, unless you are rich enough to go to Baker Street, other than the Geranium.

Both sets of toilets closed, but at the far end of West lane beyond the Oxfam, is a set of public toilets, for which Camden Council is to be congratulated.



From either West Hampstead station, tube or rail, head north on the East side of West End Lane and you will come to SCOPE, ALL ABOARD, which is the best, CANCER, CHILDRENS SOCIETY, AND OXFAM, From the latter you can get any bus the two stops back to West Hampstead tube station jubilee Line.

You now have to choose whether to go north towards Willesden Green or south towards Baker Street. I think it depends on how rich you are, if you have the money go south, if not go north.





From Willesden Green station turn right and on the right is St Lukes, out of shop turn right and there is SAMARITANS, oos turn right and follow main road round to the right until nearly opposite the Sainsburys, were there are toilets. ther is thenewly lsited Peaceful Solutions, which is worth the long walk. it does not have the same sort of stock as their shops in Kensal Green. Cross back over to other side of the road and towards the station, and there is GERANIUM, which must be the smallest charity shop in london, with largest number of bargains, but easy to miss! You can alight at kilburn on this line but i think Willesden is a far better choice.